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The cognitive electrophysiology laboratory was initiated by professor Shlomo Bentin in 1991. It is located within a complex of 5 rooms at the Department of Psychology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Our primary mission is to promote excellent research in cognitive neuroscience and cognitive neuropsychology, with a particular emphasis on face perception, attention, and dynamic processes in episodic and semantic memory.

Graduate students with various backgrounds such as mathematics, computer science, biology, medical sciences and psychology provide a strong interdisciplinary environment.

Research facilities are set for running event-related potential (ERP) studies in humans as well as more studies using more conventional techniques to measure cognitive mechanisms such as measuring reaction time and performance accuracy.

In addition, in collaboration with Prof Rafi Malach from the Weizmann Institute and the Dr. Talma Hendler director of the Functional Brain Imaging Unit, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center we apply fMRI techniques to extend our explorations of brain activity from the temporal domain (EEG) to the spatial domain.